A Refuge of Luxury and Brightness

The Deluxe rooms represent the culmination of refinement. The result of a wise and complete renovation, they are a true stylistic anthem, ideal for those looking for an exclusive stay. Located on the upper floors of the hotel, the rooms are radiated with abundant natural light, which creates a lively and energizing atmosphere.

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Simple Elegance and Refined Design

Every detail in the Deluxe rooms has been carefully thought out to create a sober and cozy luxury environment. The clean and modern design, combined with a carefully chosen color palette, creates an atmosphere of tranquility and refinement. These rooms are the perfect place for those who want to relax in a space that reflects elegance and taste.

Natural Light and Breathtaking Views

Located in the upper floors of the hotel, the Deluxe rooms are radiated with abundant natural light, which pours through large windows, creating a bright and lively atmosphere. The elevated location offers guests an extraordinary panorama, offering spectacular views stretching over the bustling city of Rome. Waking up or relaxing with such an impressive view makes every stay in the Deluxe rooms a truly unique experience.

An Unforgettable Stay

Choosing a Deluxe room at the Midas Palace Hotel means opting for an unparalleled stay experience. Every element, from the privileged location of the room to the attention to interior details, has been designed to offer an unforgettable stay experience, where comfort, luxury and beauty come together in a harmonious balance.

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